Purge The Heretic………………

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Armageddon, space marine, Warhammer 40000

Over the years I like most war gamers have gathered a large collection of models that are, Part made/ part painted or unassembled.

So I have decided that a purge of my collection is called for. I have for many years kept a plastic box full of stuff that would one day be destined for eBay, and a few weeks ago I started listing lots. I am really going to town and hopefully get my collection down to 40k and a few smaller ranges.

This has lead to a few forgotten army’s being found! one of which are my Black Templars Space Marines, I did these models back when the 3rd war for Armageddon codex was released for 3rd edition of 40k (back in the mists of 2000). Back then a Templars boxed set was 10 plastic marines and 2 or 3 metal scouts, Now days they get a plastic upgrade sprue but it can work out rather expensive at £20 for one infantry and one tank/apc upgrade sprues. So going through my collection of models I have managed to salvage the following.

10 Black Templars with close combat weapons.

7 Black Templars with Bolters.

5 Black Templars Assault Marines.

Some where I have a plastic command squad and some scouts  that will be joining them, this time the force will be quite small rather than the mess that I had back when I first did them.

I have also been flexing my sculpting skills by making tabards for all the marines from Brown Stuff. I have seen a lot of Templar models based of the Dark Angels veterans box, but Templars where tabards not robes.

Any way enough rambling, time to list some more stuff…………………………..


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