Nurgles Rot………………

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Chaos, Warhammer 40000
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Since my last post I have been infected with a foul disease from nurgle (a cold), this has made me turn my attention to adding some nurgle units to my chaos forces!

And so I have added 10 plague bearers, a herald of nurgle, greater Daemon  of nurgle, and epidemius, to my list of models (in fact they are nearly done with just a few details to be added.

I also picked up a great little green stuff tool called a Roll Maker set that allows you to create tubes, tentacles, and wires from green stuff. It turned up the other day and I had a play around with it for 30 mins and managed to crank out  5 tentacles for a converted greater daemon arm. I have even made some cables with a wire down the middle so that they are flexible.


IMG_1893IMG_1894 IMG_1895 IMG_1896 I started this conversion a few years ago but was stuck with how to make the tentacles, I am no sculpting master but by using the roll maker set the tentacles look brilliant.






IMG_1899 IMG_1898











Epidemius was picked up a few years ago from E bay along with the converted greater daemon above. While the Greater daemon that has been painted has been with me for years (since it was 1st released), and he is the soul survivor of my old iron warriors army from around 1996-7ish.

My plan is to have Iron Warriors as the core of my CSM army with other “cult” troops added on i.e plague marines, berserkers, etc. (But still as Iron Warriors) that’s the plan any way. and as for the daemons I just fancied painting them up!


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