Iron Within, Iron Without…………….

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Chaos, Warhammer 40000
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Wow just over 2 years ago I did 2 post on here about a small Iron Warriors force that I was working on. Well as with many projects they were boxed up and put away (and to be forgotten), then the other day while searching for something else I came across the box containing them. Now this may be the Chaos gods telling me that I need to work on them, or just plane luck (I will go with the chaos gods, as it sounds better!). But with the release of the Chaos Hellbrute (dreadnought) this weekend it has to be a sign.

I have set about fixing arms, heads, weapons, etc. back on to the models. I have also raided my old Black Templer army for some armoured support in the form of a Predator tank and a Vindicator tank. I also found a battered Rhino APC .

I always saw the Iron Warriors as have “dirty” armour, rather than the semi bright armour seen in the GW paint jobs. To combat this I have based the models with Plate Mail spray from The Army Painter and washed it with Dark Tone ink from their warpaints line, next up the armour trim has been painted with Balthasar Gold dry brushed with Golden Griffon. The casing of the bolter and the shoulder pad back grounds are painted Abbadon Black, and then to top it all of another was of Dark Tone Ink. This gives me a lovely “dirty” look to them. I have done 10 marines so far and have started working on a obliterator as a change.

Now what can I add next?

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