The Fury Of The Blood Angels………………

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Blood angels, Chaos, Cities Of Death, terrain, Warhammer 40000

Last weekend I played my first game of Warhammer 40000 in 2 years, in fact it may even be longer than that. We managed to squeeze in two games both of which saw me fighting against Chaos Space Marines. My First game was a narrow defeat by 2VP’s, And the second game was a draw. I had great fun and it brought back loads of memory’s of my childhood of the battles that were fought over my patio (10ft x 10ft) in those day Apocalypse rules did not exist, and me and my friend James would through everything we had  into the battle (this included tyranids and orks on the same side) in the winter battles would shift to James house and be fought in his dinning room. Back then I was playing at least 1 game a week (3 or 4 in school holidays). But now I seem to be lucky if I get 1 game in a month, but now my wife wants to start gaming so hopefully things may change!

In other news, My Imperial Knight turned up the kit it’s self looks fantastic. I have so far resisted the temptation to put it together until I have decided on a colour scheme for it. I have also been given the opportunity to swap some none 40k models for a small 40k Daemon army (Soul grinder, 10 Plague bearers, 10 Horrors,10 Blood letters.) I already have some daemons (of Khorne)  form a trade a few years ago (around the time I moved, so they never got started) so it looks like I will be painting red again…………

I have also brought home my Cites Of Death terrain from the club, it is in need of some much needed TLC (and a repaint) after all some of it is 6 years old and needs to be painted a little bit better this time (and not rushed like last time).

Now lets sort out some Daemons…………..


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