A Blast From The Past…………………

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Blood angels, Warhammer 40000

Back when I first started wargaming back in the late 80’s early 90’s I played quite a lot of Adeptus Titanicus which was the for-runner for the now discontinued Epic range from GW. Over the years that AT was available various other units were added to the game like ork gargant, Eldar phantom titans, infantry and tanks. one of the last units to be added were Imperial and Eldar knights each piloted by a single crew member. The knights disappeared for a time until the release of Titan Legions when they returned. That was the last time they were seen.

Now fast forward to this weekend coming and GW release a new Imperial Knight this time in 40k scale. As soon as I saw the model I just new I would have to order one, so I did.

In other news this weekend will see my Blood Angles take to the field of battle for the first time in two years and after finding a rather dusty box I have found my Grey Knights which need some much needed TLC.

Oh and I got married last week……………………………………


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