Man The Defences…………..

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Armageddon, Blood angels, Orks, terrain

When I first started wargaming way back in the mists of time, I always had in my mind battles fought over battle scared wastes lands covered with trenches and razor wire or battling through a ruined city. Now nearly 25 years later I have battled through ruined cities but never over a table covered in trenches, but that is about to change………………

In the time that I have not been following the “GW” hobby they have released a set of plastic trench fortifications. Now I know some people do not rate the GW scenery range because they are covered in skulls and bones. But at the end of the day their products are released for their own “brand” games. Now as I seem to be battling my way through the 40k universe once again and with the release of the “wall of Martyrs” range sometime ago, it seemed rude not to buy them.

My first port of call were the on-line retailers, all of which had the boxed set releases at various prices. The next place I tried was eBay, now eBay can be both a blessing and a curse. In my case it turned out to be a blessing, I managed to pick up the Wall Of Martyrs “splash release” boxed set for £67.50 and £7.00 p+p. when it was released it RRP was £100.00 (the whole lot costs £131.00 from GW now). So I saved £25.50 on the RRP (or £56.50 buying direct from GW).

With high hopes I set about looking for the Xmas “splash” release of Tempestus Firebase which has a RRP of £150.00 (and a value of £198.00). Now I had very little hope of getting hold of the set, but when the page loaded their were two results one for the RRP and free p+p. And one for £115.00 and £10.00 p+p but they were open to “best offers”. Now I was bought up with the saying “don’t ask, don’t get.” so I took a gamble (as had 4 other people who had their offers declined) I placed my offer, and turn the laptop off. That was at 12.30 some time later (about 21.30) I receive an email from eBay I’ve won the auction for £105.00 and £10.00 p+p.

So in one day I picked up two big boxed sets worth £250.00 RRP  for  172.50 + 17.00 p+p.


m3560154a_99120199032_TempestusFirebase03_873x627 m2770203a_99120199025_ImperialDefenceNetwork02_873x627








The Tempestus Firebase covers a 4ft area according to the GW site and i guess that the Wall Of Martyrs set covers a similar area. As both sets can be used together I can see these getting quite a bit of use. From Ork Kommandos raiding the base trying to destroy the Aquila Strongpoint or the Blood Angels trying to breach the Ork lines.

In fact one of my favourite games of 4ok was the 2nd edition mission which had two bunkers in it…………….


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