They Are Here!!!!………

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Tyranids, Warhammer 40000

On Tuesday my Tyranids turned up, after removing the shrink wrap from the boxes and had a look at the contents. The “new” warriors  and Hive/Tyrant guard  boxed sets are rammed full of extra goodies like bone swords and lash whips.

I had spent Monday sorting out my old Tyranids from storage, and have found most of my models. One of my metal Hive Tyrants leg had broken off as had the two upper arms from a Lictor. My Zoanthrophes, Hive Tyrant, Lictors went in to paint stripper. And at the same time I sorted out 3 warriors, 8 Hormagaunts, 8 Termagaunts, and 8 Genestealers which had never been painted, ready to be under coated with Alien Purple.

I also glued together my plastic Hive Tyrant and a Tyrannofex which I had started some time ago, as well as finishing of a Carnifex.

Yesterday I started to undercoat everything that was ready and today I started to paint on the details………….


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