In The Beginning God Created The Heavens And The Earth, Then Comfy Chair Games Created SpineSpur……………

Posted: January 10, 2014 in SpineSpur, terrain

No I’ve not found religion, my SpineSpur Kick-starter package has turned up!

I had been worried that it had got lost in the Xmas post, when other UK backers had said they had received theirs just before Xmas. Mine had been held up at UK customs who hit me up with £24.76 in charges (I had expected it to be a lot worse). Now for those of you who nothing about SpineSpur, it is about a place similar to hell but above ground in the modern world. No one knows where it is or how to find it, but all the murders and scum are drawn to it like moths to a flame. Very few people ever manage to leave SpineSpur and most often end up dying a grizzly death in some deserted alley way!

Any way here is my copy of the rulebook and the inscription from Bob at Comfy Chair games.



Next up the contents of the box!


Now we have the models that were made from the funds of the KS.

IMG_1527 IMG_1526 IMG_1525

lastly we have an extra “free” model the brutal cyclops from the unsuccessful KS Dominion of the Gods.

IMG_1528Overall I am really pleased with what I got. If Comfy Chair Games do another KS for SpineSpur then I will jump on that as well.

I am currently waiting  for some urban terrain from Ainsty Castings which will be used for my SpineSpur games. I have also backed another KS which ended today for Zombie Miniatures, Survivors, Barricades and walls from 3D Forge Miniatures mainly for their terrain (walls,barricades,skips,crashed cars etc…) then their is all the stuff from the Mars Attacks KS and the tablescape urban tiles that are due March/April time.

And i have also gotten the Batman bug from playing Arkham Origins, but that is another story……………….


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