I’m Looking For The Doctor?……………….

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Doctor Who
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So Saturday the 23rd of November 1963 marked the first ever episode of Doctor Who.

Now Saturday the 23rd of November 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the show, with a special episode lasting 75 minutes and bring back the 10th doctor and the 8.5 version of the doctor played by John Hurt.

Now don’t get me wrong it was good but, The inclusion of the Zygons added nothing to it. What happened with them and U.N.I.T.? towards the end we were left hanging in limbo as to the fate of them.

Then their was the focus on changing the out come of the time war. Since “new” Who started all references to the Time War have been referred as a fixed point in time, that cannot be changed. But now  Gallifrey is hidden in a “pocket dimension” and is still out their waiting to be found. Now I have the feeling that the doctor is going to be searching the galaxy for Gallifrey (much like star trek: voyager trying to find its way home).

In all I enjoyed it but I feel like the Zygons were wasted and were just used as “filler” for the episode. It would also have been the idea time for Matt Smith to regenerate into Peter Capaldi rather than the X-mas special. All in all it was good and i would give it a 6-7 out 10.

The after show party screened on BBC3 was a total waste of time. Out of the two presenter, the bloke I had never heard of before (it seems I was not the only person) and Zoe Ball just likes the sound of her own voice. Their was 20+ old companions their and they whizzed through them with questions so fast some of them had no chance of answering the questions. Add to that the shit band doing the “who” theme tune in different styles, The “live” interview with 1 direction (what was that about?) and the 5 minutes spent interviewing the two couples who were getting married the next day. Totals up to a total load of shit! So all in all I would give that 2 out of 10 (only for the fact that the old companions were their).



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