Mutton yesterday, mutton today. And blimey, if it don’t look like mutton again tomorrow………………..

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit

When I first read the Hobbit many many years ago, the one thing that stuck in my mind were the three trolls William (Bill),Bert, and Tom. I don`t know why but they did.

Then last year GW released the trolls  set for £45.00 to go with the The Hobbit game. Their was quite a bit of uproar over the price but in the end people saw sense in the fact their were three trolls and a camp fire. Options for the trolls were limited to two spare hands one holding a fork and the other with a spoon. Well this morning I have cleaned up and glued the models together, all three of the models are very imposing . Out of the three William (Bill) is my favourite, he is also the biggest of the three.

I have also been working on some scenic bases for the Goblins from the boxed set.

I started by making a mold from instant mold thermo plastic by using the walkways and platforms from the boxed set.

I then took some green stuff and spread it across some bases keeping it about 2mm thick.

Next I took the mold and pressed it on to the green stuff.

Then I removed the mold and place it to one side to dry……………

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