Outstanding. Now all we need is a deck of cards…………….

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Aliens
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When is a board game not a board game?

When its the AvP kick starter. Over the weekend the guys behind AvP announced that the board game tiles would NOT be marked up with Squares. Instead you have to measure movement and shooting ranges with a ruler or tape measure (which does not seem to be included). Now to me a board game is played on a board that is marked up with a grid of some sort, and a war game uses measuring of  some sort. Now this has caused a little bit of a ripple in the KS mainly due to the fact it was advertised as a board game, but now is pushing to more of a war game!. Now after a lull in pledges (due in part to a naff stretch goal, and the mid point of the campaign) Prodos have let us in on the rest of the stretch goals.

£190.000 Alien crusher: Larger than a royal guard and on a 50mm base.

£200.000 £10.00 Add on credit.

£210.000 AvP war game rulebook: I cannot see this being much different to the “board game” rules.

£220.000 Cloaked Predator: clear resin model(s)

£230.000 Young blood predators: 3 or more rookie predators with little or no equipment.

£250.000 Power loader: need I say anything!

£270.000 Free royal Guard: 80mm high 50mm base size.

£290.000 Alien Queen: The biggest bad-est bitch in the universe!

Their was talk of a marine medic but nothing has been heard of it since. If the queen becomes unlocked I will be happy if not then we will have to see. My personal taste would have been to have the war game rulebook as a “mini” stretch in between £270-£290.000 and add something else into the £210.000 goal, maybe some more marines?

Shadows of Brimstone is also doing great over night it broke the $900.000 mark, and is currently sitting at $908.563.  4 more stretch goals were added, which add another 7 standard size (35mm) models, 1 XXL size (140mm ish)  model, and another deck of cards (all of which are free in the mine cart pledge). hopefully in the next 5 days these goals get broken and we hit the one million mark!


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