Right now, where was I… Oh, what are you doing here…………..

Posted: November 15, 2013 in 7TV, Aliens, Doctor Who

Its been a quite few days I have tried to do some painting, but in two days I have painted 16  models. But I did come across a video the other day from the BBC which explains the John Hurt” Doctor” (or 8.5 as he has become known).

Shadows Of Brimstone is going great guns at the moment having raised  $818.006 and their are still 9 days to go. Now when i joined up with it the total was hovering around the $650.000 mark that was 8 days ago since then a number of stretch goals have been unlocked, including 18 new figures and 2 new card decks. Also added are 1 new mission pack, 1 new XL monster, and 1 new otherworld. These 3 are free for pledges of mine cart or as paid add-ons to anyone else.

AvP seems to have lost some of its momentum at the moment, mainly due to the update 11 last night that stated the £185.000 stretch goal would be £15 free credit to any one that pledged above £210.00 ‘If it Bleeds We can Kill it!’. This in turn caused a backlash of comment from people moaning, this then caused Prodos to release update 12 which stated that one of the guys wife was expecting a baby and if they were over £170.000 everyone at ‘payback time’ (£125.00)  level would get £10 free credit. Some how I think the guys at Prodos are loosing it with this KS.

As it stands at the moment  my pledge of ‘Get to the Chopper’ gets me’

The Base Game for £25.00

£250.00 worth of models.

Free digital Wargames version of the rules

£55.00 worth of free models (including the berserker predator)

Now the one problem I do have is some of the pictures that have been used manly, The berserker predator, sentry guns and Alien royal guard, Are ALL Photoshopped pictures.

The berserker predator is a collectors statue.

The sentry guns are from a props store in the USA.

And the royal guard is a McFarlane action figure that has been customised.

When I brought this up on a forum I saw them on, I was set on by the person that had posted the pictures telling me I had “no proof” so with the aid of Google I searched and found all 3 of them. The person never said sorry, but has also not posted any thing since………..


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