I’m Looking For The Doctor…………….

Posted: November 11, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who, SpineSpur, terrain
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So Saturday saw the arrival of the trailer for the 50th anniversary for Doctor Who, which I missed (oh dear). But in the morning i had a nice parcel from Heresy Miniatures, which contained my order of (not) Roman Rory a one piece model. 4 (not) Sontarans, three piece models, head, gun and body.  (not) sontaran officer, 2 piece model, body and head (choice of 4). And Dr Payne, 2 piece model, body, and right hand (choice of 2).

Now Andy has done a brilliant job of making Dr Payne, considering how many pictures have been floating around.the picture on the left shows Dr Payne with his 2 hands (none which looks like the 3rd doctors sonic screwdriver). The other picture shows all 4 models.

DSCN0190 Dr Payne








Last night The Mars attacks kick starter finished raking in $558.076, not as much as was predicted but a hefty hall any way. I decided to stay with it in the end with the Bloodshed On The Battlefield pledge. I am not sure what I am going to go for yet with the money yet, some of the new plastic building kits will come in handy as well as some of the Martian flying saucers. I have also got my eye on some of the destroyed/wrecked cars but they are an extra. I’m trying to think of things that can be used in DWMG/7Tv and SpineSpur.

Also over night Flying Frog Productions posted and update saying they had found a EU supplier for Shadows Of Brimstone which is great news, it saves me £65.67p VAT which I would have to pay on top of my pledge. It now means I can add to the my Mine Cart 7  pledge with the difference.

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