Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?……………

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Aliens

So the AvP kick starter has been running for a few days now. And the guys behind it have listened to some of the comments and have added some free face huggers in the main box for hitting £85.000 , a free boxed set for hitting £100.000 , and a free predator berserker when the total hits £120.000 (its £1.497 away at the moment). But over night Prodos games posted an update about referring a friend, that basic allowed both parties to grab one free single model each. Unfortunately this has caused a rather large back lash, in the fact that all those early backers (like me) who recommended the game to others now lose out.

Prodos have now said the following,

“Anyway, I write in bold not to shout, instead for all to see: THE OFFER IN UPDATE 6 WILL BE REPLACED WITH IF WE GET TO 2000 PLEDGERS ALL PLEDGERS AT £75 or MORE WILL RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL £10 OF ADD ONS”

At the moment I am still sitting on the fence about this kick starter, when the face huggers, boxed set and berserker were added things started to look up. But now it seems we have been kicked in the teeth, with a half hearted kick starter. These are just my own personal opinions, but then i’m sure that i am not alone after all 70 people dropped out…………….


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