The Problem With KickStarters……………..

Posted: November 7, 2013 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, Deadzone, Incursion, Rogue Trooper, SpineSpur, terrain

In the old days of war-gaming you had to wait for company’s to announce they were making a game or supplement. Now days with the advent of the kick starter campaign, it is now possible to help push along the creative design.

But this does sometimes throw a spanner in the works.

First up is the USA – EU shipping. This is a major hurdle for many backers. As I live in the UK, I live in fear of the dreaded Import Tax. This can add as much as 40% to the total of my order. But this has always been the case, in fact I remember buying a Limited edition of Warhammer 40000 boxed set for about $40.00 including  shipping and handling. When it turned up it had been assessed as being £40.00 in value (not $40.00)  and had nearly £15.00 tax slapped on it. Making it more expensive that it was over here to buy.

Next up is the Early Bird Pledge. This is another major hurdle for creators of the kickstarter. I the idea behind the (EB) is to allow a limited amount of backers a chance to grab a deal at a lower price. This can cause problems as one (KS) that i backed offered up no (EB`s) and then proceeded to take a lot of flak over the fact. And one that i am backing now which offered a major saving of $150.00 to the first 25 people. Again the company has and still is taking flack over the fact that they only offered up 25 places. They have since added more pledges but decreasing the amount by $25.00, as it stands now it is at $475.00 for the pledge and they give you $75.00 in credit. Which to me is fine, but to others its not good enough.

Lastly their are Trolls. Now in my day a troll lived under a bridge and popped up to eat knights and peasants. Now how ever troll are people that like to put people and projects down. In the 8 projects that i have backed and been funded at least 3 but maybe 4 have been hit by the same two people, who have ground the project down into the ground. They may or may not have caused people to back out. I just filter them out now and ignore their comments, don`t get me wrong we are all entitled to our own opinions but their is a line that needs to be drawn. But when said individuals keep on dragging up the same old stuff like “X,Y are ok but, Z is shit” or “If this was my KS I would do X,Y and Z”

So unfortunately kickstarters have push the wargaming and RPG worlds on, and many projects that would not have seen the light of day have all thanks to a (KS).

Now lets see what Aliens Vs Predator brings tomorrow shale we?………………


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