Oh, it is quiet. I see what you mean. The middle of London, there should be some noise……………………

Posted: October 30, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who

Well having just finished watching the Web Of Fear, all i can say is i enjoyed it. Now i read the Target book some years ago, and have listened to the audio cd many many times but seeing it for the 1st time was great.

An interesting fact about the Web Of Fear,The Tube sets were reportedly so accurate that the BBC was accused of illegally filming on London Underground property.

Now watching it has me itching to make some underground tunnels which i could add to the sewers that i mentioned the other day. Now i spent yesterday playing around with bits of paper and card trying out various ideas, and have come up with a plan.

each section will be 150mm X150mm, this will allow for a 3mm wall fixed to a 47mm X 18mm block, then a 50mm gap, and another 47mm X 18mm Block, and finally a 3mm wall. I want to keep the setup fairly small so i am looking at 16 tiles which will give me a 600mm X 600mm area. As it stands at the moment i am going to make the following.

4 x corners.

3 x T- junctions.

1 x X-junction.

8 x straight sections.

there are also a few other bits that i have in mind such as dead ends, pools, damaged sections, and larger rooms. once i get these out of the way i can start to have a look at some underground station bits………..


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