Oh yes, of course. It’s an underground station. We’re standing on the platform……………

Posted: October 28, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who, terrain

Its been 3 weeks since my last post as i have been working in london, and in those 3 weeks two things have happened.

Firstly I have found out what has happened to my Force On Force models, I allowed one of my gaming group to borrow both the USMC and Iraqi forces along with the 2 boxes of terrain i had made/bought. Now the problem lies in the fact that said person has vanished, no one has seen him in months and emails and phone calls go unanswered.

Next up the news of not one but two missing Doctor who episodes in the form of Enemy Of The World and The Web Of Fear. Both of which are 2nd Doctor episodes, Enemy Of The World  now has all  parts 1-6, and  The Web Of Fear has parts 1,2 and 4,5,6 part 3 is still missing but is going to get an animated replacement. But there are rumours that part 3 has been found but only time will tell. Either way thats 2 down and 20 (complete episodes)to go.

Now with all this talk of The Web Of Fear, i am tempted to make my self an underground station and sewer. Now i could cheat sort of and buy them from Ainsty Castings, Now i have always had a soft spot for some of the models for years. Ever since i first saw the Sewers Systems sets. But i am tempted to have a go at making my own, so its time to start bouncing some ideas around.

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