Nothing to do with me! It’s not an invasion! That was a genuine crash landing……..

Posted: October 1, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who, Force On Force

I came across some 28mm SWAT troopers yesterday afternoon, which i have had for years and years (From when they were 1st released in fact). They come from the Street Violence range from Wargames Foundry and unlike many ranges out there, some models are taller than others.

After our gaming group got together the other night a few of the guys have suggested models to use as “new” aliens in doctor who, Some of which are now OOP. But 2 of the guys suggested Mantic Games Dreadball range, so i headed over to their website to have a look.  Now i never took any notice of the Dreadball game when it was released, as it was not my thing. But now having had a look at the range there are a few teams that i think could be used in DWMG.

The first up are: Ukomo Avengers, Teraton Team (I have ordered these guys from eBay)










With the Ukomo Avengers team their seems to be 4 models with wrist mounted ball launchers? and 4 without with a little bit of green stuff and some brass rod the ball launchers? can be converted into a  wrist mounted gun of some type. And the others some form of close combat weapons. Plus when my Dead Zone stuff turn up their is one in the Rebs faction


Next up are: Locust City Chiefs Z’zor Team.

Locust-City-Chiefs-Z’zor-Team# VP Ludwig








With the Z’zor they will be left as they are, as i see them as a subterranean race who prefer close combat over ranged combat

Then there are the Chromium Chargers Robot team and the Ver-Myn models from Warpath aswell……….



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