There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things…………….

Posted: September 30, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who, terrain

I have been rather quiet for the past week, mainly down to the fact that my left arm has been killing me. Holding anything in my hand for longer than a few minutes has been impossible, but i have managed a few things.

I have been able to work on my rivers, as all that is needed is the realistic water to be poured in and left to dry. I have managed to get 3 coats on since last week and will hopefully be able to get another coat on tomorrow.

Next up, The painting of the Realm of Battle boards, 4 of these have been painted brown and are ready for dry brushing. I have also painted up 2 citadel hills, these just need covering with static grass matting and a few other details and they are done.

I also stripped the paint from the Romana model, and re-undercoated her, 5 Ogrons, 2 versions of Omega, and 6 Gell Guards. My conversion of the Rani has had her hair sculpted on, I also added some details to the Davros conversion.

Friday also saw the 1st meeting of our gaming group, its been a few months since the last meeting (due to the kids holidays). I took no part in the games being played, and afterwards we headed out for a drink and a chat. I said to the guys that i had been working on the Doctor Who models that i had, and had been looking at adding to them. This went down rather well (as a number of the guys have got historical models that could be used) and it will hopefully get some of other guys kids wargaming.

Now its time to watch my new Doctor Who DvD Terror Of The Zygons which completes my collection of the 4th Doctor adventures.

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