Never throw anything away, Harry…………….

Posted: September 24, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who, terrain

Last night i managed to pick up a few cans of paint to paint my terrain. The colours i have gone for are:

Dulux Roasted Pumpkin 1. which has turned out to be slightly darker than Bestial Brown/ Mournfang Brown, which i have been using for my bases.


Dulux Sunflower Symphony 1. Which should be close to Snakebite leather (I have not opened it yet).

I have so far painted 2 hills (which were from my desert board) and 9 river sections.

Now comes the hard part.

What colour do i paint the river itself?

It is strange that all the model railway set ups i have seen have those wonderful scenic rivers, And all the wargames rivers are painted blue or green. This has lead to the problem of what to do with mine? I have 2 options.

Option 1: paint it blue or green (As simple as that.)

Option 2: realistic water (More complicated but worth it.)

In real life rivers are not blue or green, they are however sometimes brown (after heavy rainfall) but most times rivers are clear(ish). And in most cases you can see the bottom but the water is never blue or green.

My plan is to use option 2, I will have to “cap” the ends of each river before pouring the realistic water in. The river bed will be detailed with fine sand and fine slate chips.

But unfortunately my arm is playing up again, and so holding things is a problem at the moment…………


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