It’s Like A potato. A baked potato. A talking baked potato…………..

Posted: September 16, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who

Back in 1973 a lone Sontaran warrior battle with the 3rd Doctor in medieval britain (the time warrior). The 4th doctor would battle another lone warrior in 1975 (The Sontaran Experiment) on earth in the future, And an Invasion force in 1978 (The Invasion Of Time). They then appeared for the last time in the classic series with the 2nd and 6th doctors in 1985 (The Two Doctors).

The next time they would appear would be with the 10th Doctor in the 2008 (The sontaran Stratagem and Poison Sky). They have also had appeared with the 11th doctor in 2010 (The Pandorica Opens) and 2011 (A Good Man Goes To War).

Big Finish have also released several Audio’s which feature the sontarans.

So here is my small Sontaran strike force of 13 models.

DSCN0175I have split them in to 2 groups of 6 and 1 model is the commander. Now i have to admit that i was not looking forward to painting these guys. But in the end i went for a simple black and silver colour scheme with brown being used for the skin and an all over black ink wash. All in all they only took 3-4 hours to paint the lot.

I have also managed to pick up the citadel/FASA version of Romana from ebay. For some strange reason i saw a picture of the model on the net and fell in love with it.

_MG_2086-01This picture is from solegends. And the model is sculpted from Romana’s (Mary Tamm’s) first episode.


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