Sometimes my brilliance astonishes even me………….

Posted: September 10, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who

Yesterday was rather wet so I spent the afternoon cleaning and preparing up some more Sea Devils, and Ice Warriors, I also started some Sontarans. Now i have never had a go at painting them before (i have had 2 for some years), and a quick check of the internet shows me 2 different colours schemes 1 black and 1 dark blue.

I went for the nice and easy black scheme with boltgun metal details and calthan brown skin topped of with a wash of badab black. nice and simple and took about 2 hours to paint  all 13 of them.

I also started working on the Ice Warriors again with a nice simple scheme. Orkhide green, dry brushed with snot green, and washed over with thraka green.

Pictures to follow tomorrow. On a sad note it is a dark day for me, as i have nearly run out of Bestial Brown which i use for my bases………….


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