Just what do you think you’re up to, Benton?……………….

Posted: September 9, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who
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And so its monday again……….. The weekend was quite mixed for me.

1st up. I managed to get 95% of my U.N.I.T force done, they just need an ink wash and their bases done. I prefer my new colour scheme better than the old one that i did. So thats 35 models and 1 land rover all finished.

Next up, I finally got the time to watch Spearhead From Space on Blu-Ray. Now i owned the original DVD release, and i still own the Mannequin Mania boxed set which was a better than the original release. But the Blu-ray knocks the spots off the DVD the picture quality is fantastic for something that was filmed in the 70’s

Next i found something that i bought at least 10 years ago maybe more, when one of the model shops that i used to use was having a massive stock clearance. Sadly the shop is no more as are many of the shops i used to go to. Now this is one big bugger, its going to need some work to get it to the table top and one hell of a lot of green stuff.

My nice new camera needs a adapter for its memory card for it to fit in the cars reader on my laptop. As it still refuses to transfer pictures via USB. Which i will pick up later on today………….


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