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Posted: September 5, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who
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One Of the things that I am not keen on in “new” Who is the use of classic villains to much. When “classic” who was on it was very rare to see the same villains more than once in a season. Now however the likes of the Daleks and Cybermen can be seen 2 or 3 times in a season. Which in this day and age is all down to marketing merchandise.

Anyway enough ranting, Here are some close ups of my Cybermen force.

Cyber Controller And Body Guard

Cybermat Controller and Cyber Laser TeamCybermatsCyberons














Top Left: We have Cyber Controller (DW217 body with DW206 head), and 4 Invasion Cyberman (DW206,DW208) the invasion cyberman are slightly taller than the boxed set (DW1014).

Top Right: Cyber Mat Controller (DW207 body with DW206 head) The Laser Cannon team is from the Moonbase episode (DW216 bodys, DW206, DW208, heads and a scratch built Laser cannon).

Bottom Left: Cyber Minions from Crooked Dice Games.

Bottom Right: Cyber Mats from Crooked Dice Games.

Now i would love to get hold of another Laser Cannon Team, but the seem to be as rare as rocking horse shit. I have never seen one for sale in any shop that stocked the models, and i have never seen on appear on eBay. It seems that the model may have only made it into the hands of those who subscribed to the range…………….

  1. Edwin King says:

    If you’re quick you may get a laser team – it looks like BTD have found some old stock.

    • Black tree are always finding new stock! Their werehouse must be like the inside of the Tardis. But it is the first time that the laser team has been found! Just as well I ordered 2 of them just after I read the email!

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