Buckets Of Blood…………

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Incursion, Secrets of the third reich
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The kickstarter for Incursion finish over the weekend and raked up $208.576 with 934 backers (524 backed at the buckets of blood level) Now at on stage i did not think that it would hit that much ($175-$180.000 was my bet)

So in the end i have ended up with.

Incursion boxed game:

6 dice.

10 plastic doors.

8 plastic APE’s.

24 Sturmzombies.

Gretel,ilsa,and hans von x, 2 bomberzombies and 1 blitzhund.

Cards, tokens, etc…

SNAFU boxed game:

3 dice.

9 MI-13 commandos and zip kelly.

Panzeraffe, Drohne, Bazooka APE, MI-13 Gracie.

10 plastic doors.

Cards, tokens, etc…



Extra board.

24 Sturmzombies.

Kickstarter exclusive pack (8 models in plastic, 6 in metal).

Kickstarter exclusive Gretel.

10 Plastic doors.

9 more dice.

12 Sturmzombies.

10 bomberzombies.

7 APE’s

9 MI-13 commandos.

1 Drohne, blitzhund.

Drop trooper starter set 7 models.

Drop trooper reinforcements 7 models

Thats 142 plastic models  and 30 plastic doors , add to this that i pledged for the poster, Metal drop troopers, Metal drop trooper reinforcements and bomberzombies.

Drop_Trooper_ad Hilde_grande

the Bomberzombies may need to go not sure if i am going to need another set of them. Now i am going to need to get that 3D board finished now



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