14 Years In The Making! Pt2………..

Posted: September 2, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who

As i said in the 1st part of this with the ogrons, their were several models that i had that.

(A) never got finished.

(B) Never got Started.

(C) or i was just not happy with.

One of these was the Dalek Slither from the episode The Dalek Invasion Of Earth. I had painted the 4 models i had with dark angels green, a light drybrush of lighter green, and a green wash. Great nice simple colour scheme.

Now as with the Ogrons i had very few pictures of the slither and the few that i did were in black and white. Fast forward to the weekend and i sit their looking at the 4 models, i decide that i must be able to find some pictures now……………

Well i was wrong i found 5 different pictures 3 black and white, 1 photoshopped colour picture, and 1 colour line drawing. I carried on scrolling down the page and i came across 2 different pictures of the blacktree models. One was painted light gray with green fur and the other was painted swampy green with brown fur.

Looking at the photos from the show i went for the green/brown colours as the Slither seems to be darker in colour. And they look 10X better than the old attempt.



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