Can’t? Can’t? There’s no such word as can’t………………

Posted: August 30, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who

This post was going to be about Daleks, but due to some poor photos they will have to wait until another time. The good news is that i have nearly finished painting my Imperial (white and gold) daleks. I just have to do a conversion for davros as the Emperor, and paint one more dalek in black and gold.

Here are some pictures of my favorite doctor i painted these some time ago. Its amazing that Tom Baker played the 4th doctor for 7 years, when most play the part for at most 3 years
4th Doctor

Leela,4th Doctor , And Romana

Harry, 4th Doctor, Sarah Jane,

I do have a soft spot for the 4th Doctor, and will be using him when we get round to playing the game.

8th and 6th DoctorAnother of my favorites is the 8th doctor (on the left). Now poor Paul McGann only played the doctor once on TV, but the 8th doctor lived on in the BBC book range (73 books) and when they finished the Big Finish Audio books (81 audio cds).

On the workbench at the moment are,

Ready for Undercoating:

1 Dalek,1 Cyberman, 5 Cybermats,11th Doctor, Amy, Rory, River, Clara, And Donna

Ready for Basing:

The Ancient One, and 9 Haemovores (all from the Curse of Fenric).

Being Converted:

The Rani, 8th Doctor, large cyber-giant?


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