The Nestene Consciousness……………

Posted: August 29, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who
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When new “Who” returned to the screens back in 2005 the first alien menace that the doctor came across was the Nestene Consciousness in the form of shop window dummies. This in many ways was a nod to the 3rd doctors 1st adventure Spearhead From Space (SFS). SFS marked a new era for the doctor as it was the first episode to be shown in colour (it was also released on Blu-Ray a few months ago).

the Autons would return a year later in the Terror Of The Autons (TOTA) along with the 1st appearance of the master………….

I first saw SFS repeated on BBC2 in the mid 90’s and it always sticks in my mind the sound of glass smashing (but not scene) and the autons walking down the street.

Anyway i repainted these models a few years ago and i still have some more that need painting

AutonsNext up are some resistance fighters. These were painted at the same time as the Autons. I still have another 10 of the still in their old colours, I may well take a picture before they get repainted just for old times sake.

Resistance Fighters


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