We Come From The Red Planet…………..

Posted: August 28, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who
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Monday the 26th of august 2013 saw the release of  Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors on DVD. Now i have not seen this  episode since it was released back in 1998 as a VHS tape (with episodes 1,4,5,6) and CD (covering the missing episodes 2 and 3).

Now however the 2 missing episodes have been replaced with animated versions, in a same way as the Invasion, and Reign of Terror and the forthcoming Moonbase and The Tenth Planet.

To celebrate the release of The Ice Warriors here are some i painted a few years ago.Ice Warriors


Something that i was working on yesterday was the Argonauts and Talos models that i picked up from crooked dice last month. I picked up 4  Argonauts, Dr Ulysses Argo and Talos, i also had 5 Auotmates knocking around. My plan is to use them as a renegade time lord and his henchmen in DWMG/7TV



I have gone for a bronze finish with verdigris weathering the picture does not really bring out the colours very well. Hopefully i can get some better pictures with my camera rather than my Iphone.


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