They Survived Through Me……….

Posted: August 25, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who, Incursion, Judge Dredd

Wow what’s happened to august? I know i have been working and have not had much time to spend on my models. But since my last post i have collected a large amount of Doctor Who audios from Big finish, all from ebay. I have also been reading the 8th Doctor books on the train and have worked my way through the first 7 books.  August has marked a milestone in my doctor who DVD collection, I now own all the stories from the 3rd doctors era.

I have picked up some more Doctor Who models from Black tree, and some from Crooked dice. And i have also picked up a model from shapeways in the form of this


its a 28mm scale Dalek Emperor from the 2005 episode parting of ways. I found it by chance while searching for some info on the Time War. So i decided to order it. It took longer to deliver than stated but when it turned up i was well impressed. I cleaned the model in simple green which made parts of the model a frosty white colour.

The Incursion kickstarter is now in its final 5 days now, and I have gone for the Buckets of Blood pledge which weighs in at $275.00. I have also add $190.00 for add ons, The poster, Bombardier zombies and drop troopers. all in all i am happy with what i will get.

At the moment one thing that is bugging me is Mongoose publishing’s move of getting warlord games to distribute the Judge Dredd model range. Not only has this lead to an increase in price for the models, £5.00 for one model has pushed it just a little far. Being as some of the sculpts are terrible there’s no way they are worth £5.00. And to rub salt into the wound the hardback rulebook that i purchased a few months ago is to be replaced with a new version which contains new rules and the block war supplement. The book i have is only 3-4 months old and its being replaced. Well done Mongoose it looks like you have shit on me again


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