Would you like a jelly baby?……………………………….

Posted: July 29, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who
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Wow the weather here in the UK has returned to normal, well sunshine and showers at least. And for the past week or so i have been working on my Doctor Who models. My cybermen force is now 5 models away from being finished, and i have just started working on some Imperial Daleks (hopefully using the technique i found on youtube).

I also have 2 conversions/scratch builds that i am working on at the moment.

The 1st is a large cyberman based on a model from Ramshackle games, called the metatron. Now I picked this model up a few years  ago and started working on it. But alas i run out of ideas, until the other day when i attacked the model with my dremel. I have turned the body round the other way and removed a lot of the detail and replaced it with green stuff. I just need to work out what i am going to use as arms as the original model has a large hammer and a flamethrower or gatling gun none of which are very cybermen like weapons.

Next is a scratch built version of the 8th doctor. I started this model some time ago. Now you have to feel sorry for the 8th doctor, the poor soul only had 1 TV appearance in the 1996 TV movie. But he has gone on from strength to strength in the form of the (OOP) BBC books and the Big finish audio books.

Talking of Audio Books, I have just started collecting the Big finish audio books. Normally i have a Doctor Who DVD on when i am painting, but as i have seen them all many times over the years i needed a change and the Audios seem like a good idea.

Now Mr postman hurry up with my Audio  books…………….

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