Making My Moulds…….

Posted: July 8, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who
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Well last week i started making  mould for the OOP Warmachine models. Now when i first used RTV silicon it was a disaster and the silicon was wasted that was many years ago. Then a few years ago i needed some Urban Rubble bases for my Blood Angels and i decided to give it another go, And so i made a set of master bases, and a mould. Poured the silicon and shut my eyes and prayed, well it worked and i saved myself loads of time by casting my own bases.

Well now i have tried to make a 2 part mould and i have to say it worked, i removed the two guns from the model as they would have

been way too flimsy for the mould.

IMG_0637[1] IMG_0638[1]

My first test pour is shown on the right and their are a few air bubbles that need fixing with some green stuff but overall i am pleased with the results. I have also made a mould for the Yeti models from the 2nd doctors adventures “The Abominable Snowmen” and “The Web Of Fear”. But that mould needs a little longer to set, Hopefully i will get some time to work on the warmachine later today………..


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