I Am A Timelord……………..

Posted: July 5, 2013 in 7TV, Doctor Who
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The sun is shining in the UK at the moment, and we are promised that it will last into next week. With this weather it means that i have started working in the other parts of the garden that do not have my lair (shed) in.

I have been reading the DWMG (Doctor Who Miniatures Game) and 7TV rule books  both of which are from a company called Crooked Dice, Now 7TV evolved from DWMG 3 or 4 years ago and both games use the same Action Engine.

Now i have always been a big fan of Doctor who and when a company called Harlequin Miniatures released a range of Doctor who models i started collecting them. Soon afterwards they released a game called Invasion Earth additional rules were published but they were few and far between. Then the company changed names to icon and it was announced that no more models would be made, the time lord had made his final adventure………………

Fast forward to 2005 and a new free set of rules appear online, i down load them and begin playing with the models that i have had stored away. Then i find out that Black Tree Design still make the models  great i can fill in some of the gaps that i have.

every so often i re-visit the models, but this time i am going to work my way through them properly. One of the things i am going to do is make some moulds for The Warmachines from the 1st doctors adventure The Warmachines. these models have been OOP for many years but lucky for me i picked them up when they were first released. Now armed with some RTV silicon and some resin, its time to give it a go.

After all it cannot be that hard can it?


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