Deep Dark Dungeons Of Doom………………..

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Warhammer Quest
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So in my last post I spoke of the classic GW game Warhammer Quest (WHQ for short). Well over the weekend a few of us got together and battled our way through a few dungeons, we used the Skaven from the current edition of WHFB: Island Of Blood and the Night Goblins from the last edition Battle For Skull Pass. In all we played 3 games on friday night and 2 on saturday night.

For the Heros we used some models that i had picked up some years ago from Heresy Miniatures.

Andy who does everything from sculpting the models, to packing and shipping them, is a great guy and does a wonderful range of  models which would be great for any dungeon bash.

Now i fancy some sole games……………..

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