The History Of Grails Lair Part 3 And A Chance Encounter…………….

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Warhammer Quest
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So the new lair is up and running (well mostly it just needs power), and the time has come to clear out some of the vast amounts of crap I have collected over the years. I have already sold off some stuff on ebay with more to be listed once its all sorted out, but that’s another tale…………

Anyway I had an encounter with my old friend Andrew a few weeks ago and we finally meet up at the weekend, and we had a great time catching up. One of the things we talked about was Warhammer Fantasy, now thanks to Andrew he got me into playing WHFB. I had been playing 40k and epic for a few years but had never played WHFB, this in turn lead to a classic GW game………………

Warhammer Quest, many friday and saturday nights were spent in the lair mk1 battling through a dungeon filled with orcs,goblins, skaven, etc…….

I used to play the barbarian or knight of bretonnia, Andrew would be the wizard or wood elf wardancer, james would be the dwarf or trollslayer, and david would be the elf or witch hunter. As with most things time past and we all drifted apart, and Andrew admitted he still had the wardancer model.

And I still have the copy of Warhammer Quest, granted all of the original models are long gone but i do have some of the newer style night goblins and orc boyz all i need is a few skaven and a few other odds and sods and i can play some games………….


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