Flames Of War…………..

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Flames Of War, Incursion, Secrets of the third reich

Many moons ago, in a town far far away. I started to collect 15mm WW2 models for Flames Of War (FoW), now the gaming group that i used to game with were very fickle and changed game systems quite a lot.

I started up a USA force but within 2 months the guys had changed systems again, and everything was boxed up and stored. Then 2 years ago I sold off all my FoW stuff (which I now regret ).  Now the group I am with now have been pretty active with FoW, and i have decided to take the plunge again.

So I have ordered the Flames Of War: Open Fire starter set which contains 118 plastic 15mm USA and Germany models. Now one thing that I may well do is get some “weird” world war 2 models  and set my games in the Secrets Of The Third Reich setting but in 15mm…….


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