All Quiet On The Martian Front……….

Posted: May 17, 2013 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

Many many years ago, I was given a copy of  H G Wells: War Of The Worlds. It was one of the first books that I ever read and is still one of my favorites to this day. Shortly after reading the book i was given the 12″ LP vinyl record (i told you it was a long time ago). Anyway fast forward to a few months ago and a company called Alien Dungeon announce a game called All Quiet On The Martian Front.

Now being a die hard WotW fan i just had to get involved, and so 10 days ago i joined up on the kick starter.

I’ve gone for the Full Assault early bird which saves me $15, but i am looking at going for the All Out War package. It still has 17 days to go but with 601 backers and $134.312 raised in funds. I am currently thinking up some terrain to play the game on and maybe even changing the setting to WW2………………


all quite

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