The History Of Grailslair…………….

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Modeling, terrain

Ever since 1996 I have had somewhere that has been part workshop and part hobby area, and now it is time for the MK 3 version.

First things first the name, Grails Lair came from one of my old gaming group as at the time I created my first email address as Grailknight79 and My gaming room (a large shed 9ft x15ft at the bottom of my mums garden) was where we also played Warhammer Quest late into the night………… so the name stuck Grails Lair.

The MK 2 was built when I moved some time in 2002 the size was nearly the same and was once again at the bottom of the garden and again games were played into the night………

Now its time for the MK 3, the flat that I am in has a rather overgrown garden after chopping down some trees that were growing along where the fence should be and clearing the ground of ivy (loads of ivy). I am going for a 10ft x 8ft size this time, I also need to put in 2 fence panels, and the rest of the fence will be made up of the back wall. All i need now is for the bank holiday weekends to roll on………..



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