incursion reboot…………

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Incursion, Judge Dredd, Secrets of the third reich, terrain

Last year I started to make a 3D board for incursion by Grind House Games, I got the base of the boards cut at work from 12mm MDF and marked them up into 50mm squared grid. I then worked out and made the wall sections from 5mm foam board and 10mm blue polystyrene insulation. The whole project got shelved due to work commitments and moving, but in the past week I have been tinking about rebooting the project.
So this morning armed with a bread knife, hoover and some ready mixed filler, I restarted the project with one half of the board.
I used the bread knife to make the rock effect on the polystyrene walls, and the ready mixed filler to make the plastered walls. I will add some details to the plastered walls at a later date. My copy of the Judge Dredd rulebook turned up the other day and I have to say as a print on demand book it is great, it reminds me of the annuals that I used to get at Christmas.
Now let’s see where did I put that filling knife…………….

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