Nu-Earth And Mega City-One…………….

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper
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Well the Rogue Trooper kick-starter finished on Sunday and in the last few hours the amount pledged went up to £16.919 with 278 backers. At one stage midway through the campaign it looked like it would hit the £20.000 mark, but in the last week the number of backers started to drop as did the total (at one stage their were 52 backers of £200, but by the end their were 38).

I had been sitting on the fence and was debating weather to pull out, but in the end I stuck with my pledge and increased it by another £100 for a total of £300. Now all I had to do was make the choices of what I wanted (this was the hard part).

In the end I went for the following.

Rogue Trooper rule book.

2 x Souther soldier squads.

2 x Nort soldier squads.

1 x Nort Elite assault squad.

1 x Nort and Souther command squad.

1 x Nort Hammerfire  pillboxs.

2 x Citi-Def squads.

2 x Sov Judge invasion squads.

2 x judge lawmaster sets

1 x Mk3 pat wagon.

As well as 3 Rogue troopers, 1 Venus Bluejeans, 1 Sister Sledge, and 3 Souther Lazooka teams.

I was also entitled to 3 more Rogues, 1 Venus, 1 Sister Sledge (as I had pledge another £100) I contacted Mongoose to see if I could switch them for some more lazookas and they said yes

I have also picked up a few more bits from eBay in the form of a fattie stampede, holocaust judges, street gang, and sky surfers boxed sets.

Now I just need some spare time to work on the models……………………


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