Posted: February 27, 2013 in Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper
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So the rogue trooper Kick Starter has been flying along now for 3 weeks but now things seem to have stalled, and the money has been hovering around the £18.000 mark for the past few day. Things seem to have stalled a little with it but with any luck their may be a push towards the end (fingers crossed).

f57d40e22a974c1ee7eade3f7d0f12c0_largeTowards the end of last week Mongoose published a update to the basic rules allowing you to use the RT rules to play out games set during the apocalypse war period of Judge Dredd, They also offered up some packages for JD models in the Kick Starter.

a09accb2f5706b639eba9d9dcd732b6b_largeNow I may need to increase my pledge……………




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