Rogue Trooper……

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Rogue Trooper
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So last night I took the plunge and backed the Rogue Trooper kick-starter and pushed it above the £16.000 stretch goal, and now someone has changed their pledge and it has dropped bellow £16.000. Oh well hopefully it goes back up above the stretch goal and pushes up to the £18.000 mark.


As it stands for my pledge Major I can pick 10 choices from.

Rogue Trooper Rule Book.

Souther Squad (8 Models).

Nort Squad (8 models).

Nort Elite Assault Squad (8 models).

Nort and Souther Officer Squad (6 models).

Hopefully the scorpion tank will get released as well as the Souther Lazooka teams.









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