Epic Fail Cast sorry Fine cast…………….

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit
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Just before Xmas I purchased a box of Fine cast  Ring wraiths from a seller on eBay. Now I already had some of them in metal, but they have seen better days. One has lost his sword another has half a sword, After seeing the box on eBay I decided to use the “buy it Now” option and they cost me £24.99 rather than the £49.00 that GW charge. When they turned up I checked them over and re-boxed them. Fast forward to yesterday and I decided to start doing some of the models. I picked the Ring wraiths as they are a quick and simple paint, after all a quick clean up and a coat of black I would have them done in no time…………………

Yeah right, these had to be the worst Fine Cast models I have ever had out of the 9 models

6 needed new swords as they had all broken at the hilt.

All 9 needed Green Stuffing in places.

1 needed a new hood sculpted.

I can only assume that these were one of the early runs of the models, now I can see why so many people were complaining about them, if I had paid the full price for them then I would have returned them, but as they were half price I cannot complain.At least I know that my 9 will be unique.

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