Battle Games In Middle Earth

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Lord Of The Rings, Modeling, terrain

Now Battle Games In Middle Earth was a great magazine, it was good for getting younger or new gamers into the hobby much better than white dwarf.
Each issue was broken into 4-5 parts
1. Background for the model/models that were included with the issue.
2. Rules for playing the game, and army lists that grew into the current army lists
3. A battle to play and a battle report.
4. A painting guide for the model/models included with the issue.
5. A scenery making guide.

The first 20 or so issues were pretty basic but after that they upped the pace, and included such things as making the the ruins at weathertop or modular Mordor terrain boards. Over the 91 standard issues you can learn quite a lot from them.
Now lets see what shall I make………….


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