Foam Core, PVA and Filler………………………

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Force On Force, terrain
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I spent yesterday working on my Iraqi Republic Guard models and have only got the boots, rifles and bases left to do. Then last night in a fit of madness i started to make some 20mm scale buildings.

Now its been some years since I have made any terrain from scratch. In fact its coming up to 3 years, and that was for my (then) local games store. Now I know what I want, And I will have to confess I have never made any desert terrain before. Not that their is much difference, but I did make a jungle set many years ago and then their is my urban set (that I still have).

So I have take then bull by the horns and dived in head first. A quick check on the internet found me some useful tips.

This is a list of what I hopefully will build/buy.

Buildings: Made from 3mm foam core covered with filler.

Hills: Bought from Games Workshop.

Palm Trees: Made from wire and card/masking tape.

Rivers/Wadis: 3mm MDF and blue polystyrene.

Roads: 3mm MDF and sand paper.

Rocks/Boulders: Blue polystyrene.

Now lets have ago at some palm trees…………………………………..


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