Full Circle………………………..

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Force On Force
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I’ve been sitting here working on my 20mm Iraqi republic guard models from Elhiem Figures which turned up at the weekend. And I started thinking back to my childhood which was many moons ago.

When I was a younger I had a collection of 1/72 scale WW2 infantry and tanks that were my brothers, and I used to spend hours setting them up an play games with them. As with most things with my childhood they are now long gone. Fast forward to the early 90`s and i begin collecting Warhammer models.

Now fast forward to now and I have started collecting 20mm modern armies, which are funny enough 1/72 scale models. At the moment I have got 26 republic guard cleaned up and based ready to be under coated. Which brakes down into the following.

1 x NCO.

1 x RTO.

18 x Guard with AK47’s.

3 x Guard with RPG’s.

3 x Guard with LMG’s

I also have a Revell T-72 plastic tank that I am working on.

The main stumbling block I have come across is finding any decent information about the Iraqi army in the run up to 2003. The Force on Force book The Road To Baghdad lists a squad as 8 models, but at the back it mentions 5 models. And as for tanks and AFV’s their is little or no information.

Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures  up later.


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