Basing Models…………..

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Force On Force, Modeling, terrain

Over the years I have based many hundreds of models. From my very first model, a very old citadel treeman model. Right up to my own home cast resin  urban bases for my Blood angels terminators. Over the years I have amassed a large amount of basing materials, from different colours of static grass, to different grades of sand and gravel.

The list of materials goes on and on.

But with my shift to 20mm models I have a new set of challenges to over come.

Most 28mm models have a “tab” between their feet to allow a plastic base to be attached.  20mm models tend to have a “cast” base, most of these tend to be higher one side than the other. And so they will need to be either filled down or fixed on to another base. I have chosen to base my models on 20mm metal washers, Larger ones for weapons teams (I could have used pennies or MDF bases).

I start by cleaning up my model, cleaning off all the “flash” lines and filing the bottom of the models base with a course file.

Next I take the washer and run the file across it.

Now I take the model and using super glue I stick the model to the washer (by filing the washer and the base of the model the glue makes better contact.)

I work through them in batches until I am done.

When all the models are based I move on to the next stage.

Using ready mixed filler and an artist palette knife, I spread filler around the base to hide the cast base of the model. I have used milliput and green stuff if I have had some left over.

Their are many different types of ready mixed filler and I have found that cheap quick drying one are fine. You can use the powdered type but I recommend adding some PVA glue to the mix, and making the mix drier and stiffer.

Next up comes the boring part let the filler dry, most quick drying fillers take between 30 and 45 minutes to dry but I like to give them that little bit extra time to dry. While waiting sit back and have a cuppa or make some terrain.

once the filler has dried cover the base with PVA glue and dip into some sand or gravel. Once this has been done set the model to one side and allow it to dry, I normally leave them over night.

Next up brake out some paint I undercoat my bases and models at the same time, some people undercoat their models and then do the basing when they have finished painting the model. When I have painted the model I start working on the bases. Using the same colours that I use for my terrain, I paint the base the same way with a base coat and then dry-brush through the colours.

Lastly I add any details like small rocks, and static grass. For the 20mm models I have bought some static grass tufts which i have never used before…………….


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