My Last Ever Games Workshop Model…………

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Blood angels, space marine, Warhammer 40000

Well it’s Games day here in the UK, and I have to make a confession. In all the years I have been collecting GW models I have never been to Games day. And with all the limited edition models that have been released this years is one close to my heart. The model is based on the blood angels captain from the artwork from the 2nd edition boxed set. Now as much as I would have liked to go to GD I could not justify a trip to the NEC in Birmingham, I worked how much it would cost me for 2 tickets, petrol and a hotel and it was not cost effective. After all, all I really wanted was the model. So this morning I hit e bay and found loads of the models on e bay. So I bought one, is this the last model I buy………

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