Time Passes By So Quickly These Days………………..

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Force On Force
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Well its been nearly one month since my last post on my blog, and this is due to “real” life work. In the past 14 days I have past through 4 countries in Europe, The rest of the time I have been working in a dark and dusty museum.

But with all the time away i have had plenty of time to do some reading and have managed to read through Force On Force and the two supplements that I bought a few years ago. Now I’ve read a few reviews about FoF that don’t rate the rules that highly, well I must admit that I am impressed with the rules and after re-reading a few pieces i seem to have grasped the basics of the game.

The hardest thing to get to grips with is their is no stat line for the models. All troops are rated by D6,D8,D10, and D12 and a basic die roll of 4+

Their are also no proper force lists (a points based list is being worked on). So most of the battles revolve around the scenarios published in the various supplements. But once you have played a few games, working out your own forces will not be a problem.

The other thing that grabs my attention is the fact that you do not need a large gaming table. In fact the smallest  size is 2FT x 2FT.

Force wise I have the 20mm US models that I bought last year and have been looking at some 20mm Iraqi models from the same company Elhiem Miniatures, as well as some 1/72 scale plastic tanks and AFVs.

Now all I need to do is get some time in to get some forces painted up…………..


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