P.R.D.F and a desert…………………….

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Heavy Gear, terrain

So after much waiting my PRDF have finally turned up, I started of by making the Cataphract and the General purpose squad  the picture above shows the parts that make up the Cataphract model. Over all the model is very well cast with minimal flash lines, until I primed the model and on both lower arms lines had appeared that I had missed. The G.P squad again was well cast but a number of the guns had some minor flash lines on the stokes of the guns.

Next up I worked on the two R.o.B boards, both have been covered with sanded and painted to match up with the two hills. The first 2 photos show the parts that needed to be filled in, to do this i just used normal DIY ready mixed filler. Once the filler was dry I covered the boards with PVA wood glue and covered them with sand. The boards were then left over night to dry and then covered with PVA mixed with water and washing up liquid, these were then left overnight to dry again. The next 3 pictures show the finished boards and hills. I must say I like the colour, it has turned out much better than I thought it would.


Next on my hit list are some rocky spires made from cork floor tiles, and some buildings that will fit in with both 12mm and 20mm models………….



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